Author School Visits in NSW

Andrew would love to visit your school! Andrew loves connecting with his readers. Andrew has a variety of author talks from ’Let’s create a story’ to ’Wiggly Words’

You won’t find him rambling on about himself. It’s all about entertaining and involving all the VIP’s in the room.

What You Get

Smiles, fun and laughter and a free copy of one of his stories for your library.

Can he come to our school?

Andrew lives in Western Sydney. So if you’re around Sydney, Newcastle or Wollongong, you’re in luck. If you’re in NSW but a bit further out, he’d still love to come, so go on, contact him anyway.

If you’re outside of NSW but willing to provide interstate, international or interplanetary travel, he’d be open to discussions.

Sounds good. But how much does it cost?

A typical school visit costs 295 bucks. But hey, if your school isn’t exactly rolling in it, contact him and he’ll work something out for you.

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